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seiko solvent printer

  • seiko solvent printer
  • seiko solvent printer
  • seiko solvent printer
  • seiko solvent printer
  • seiko solvent printer
  • seiko solvent printer
Model No.︰YH-S1000
Brand Name︰yinghe
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
1. Adopt seiko SPT printhead, high speed and high resolution.
2. High density of media wheels, makes media moves smoothly.
3. Front, flat table, back and printhead plate four parts heating system. Which improve absorbability of media and drying printing job.
4. Print high quality job when the carriage moving under high speed based on the silent guide rail.
5. Printhead solvent capping system which makes heads maintenance easily.

6. Three driving rollers can solve the problem of heavy media can hardly running.

Model YH-S1000
Printhead type SPT 510/35pl
Quantity of printhead 8pcs
Printhead combination 2x4
Print width 3200mm
Print speed High speed 112sqm/h
Medium speed 82sqm/h
Standard speed 74sqm/h
Ink Type Solvent ink
Color CMYK
Media type Vinyl, flex, polyester, backlit, window film, etc
Ink supply Automatic ink supply based on alarming of low ink lever in sub-tank
Maintenance of the printhead One button cleaning printhead by solvent, 4 color positive pressure ink injecting
RIP software Ultraprint, Photoprint 10
Data Interface USB 2.0
Assistant Option Auto feeding and take up system Infraed-detecting, feed and take up system
Heating system Three stage heating system include back, front heating.
Carriage height 2-5mm distance to the printing platform can be adjustable.
Other functions Light for carriage position and platform
Operation voltage AC220V 50/60HZ
Power Printing system: 500W, heating system: 1000W, front heating: 500W, rear heating: 500W, back heating 1000W
Working enviroment Temperature: 22-28, Hunidity: 40%-70%
Printer dimension 4840mm*1000mm*1340mm, 520KG
Shipping dimension 5320mm*1040mm*1480mm, 740KG
Payment Terms︰T/T, LC, Western union
Packing︰strong wooden packing
Standards Certificate︰CE
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