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Conduction Band-Type Digital Printing Machine

  • Conduction Band-Type Digital Printing Machine
  • Conduction Band-Type Digital Printing Machine
Model No.︰YH-1902
Brand Name︰Yinghe
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
1. High-precision
⑴Using high precision and stable Epson fifth / seventh generation printhead;
⑵Can be modified in any ink sequence, can maximum limit the use of printhead;
⑶Three-stage variable-point technology, extraordinary control the balance of printing speed and accuracy!
⑷Yinghe technique accurately control the size of large,medium and small three-stage ink drops.During the 
printing,Yinghe use the temperature compensation technology to ensure the high frequency of each nozzle's 
work and the stability of printing.Using the variable size droplet technology (VSDT) to change the size of 
ink drops at real-time, according to the images. Using larger drops to print solid color area, smaller drops 
to express the subtle tonal gradient and detail,it offers the perfect balance between speed and image quality.
Thus, it improves the printing speed and accuracy.
2. High speed
The maximum printing speed is up to 30 square metres per hour, which can meet the needs of batch 
3. Widespread applications
Using the latest colour control and management system. Acid ink can be used to print on silk and chinlon, 
while active ink can be used for cotton. At the same time, paint and dispersive fuel can be used to print on 
terylene and synthetc fiber.
4. A rich colour range
Can use double four-color / eight color to print. Soft tones and textured, natural colour transition can be 
achieved when combine colour CMYK with light cyan or light pink. Adding orange or green to colour 
CMYK can display a broader colour range as well as match with cyan confidently. The use of variable ink 
droplet control technology makes it possible to produce three kinds of tiny ink droplet of different sizes. 
State-of-art technology provides really amazing output. Even high-speed printing can be achieved together 
with a nice, smooth and particleless tone transition.Combination of RCR with variable ink droplet tech-
nology makes the most particular clients accept products of excellent quality. 
5. Fabric feeding system and automatic correction compilation unit
Installation of printhead lifting device can adapt to a variety of fabrics.
6. Excellent vacuum absorption conduction band transmission device and automatic cleaning system
Brush and scraper of the cleaning systematic can automatically clean the conduction band, remove dust 
and ink on the conduction band, then dry it. In this way, the conduction band can keep clean and tidy.
7. Cloth drying and fabric feeding system
Electrically heated air drying. Through the heating air outlet drying, the automatic taking-up device system 
will initiative take the cloth to the cardboard tube.
8. Spray voltage, printing speed, bi directional alignment and other printing parameters can be changed 
freely during the printing, don't need to relay printing.
9. Adopt professional color control and color management system
Customize ICC can be achieved, which greatly improved the production efficiency. It is compatible with 
PhotoPrint, MainTop and TitanPrint. Supporting Bitmap, Tiff, Jpeg, Eps, Pdf and other file formats.
10.Fabrics loading, feeding, printing, drying and rolling are integrated in one procedure, which is quick and 
Product model YH-1972
Print heads Epson DX5 printhead
Print width 1.8m
Number of printheads Double
Number of nozzle 2880(180*8* 2)
Resolution The highest 1440 dpi
Color number Double 4 color
Print table width 1.9m
Speed 2Pass:58m2/h
Ink Reactive, Acid, Disperse dyes, Pigment
Software PhotoPrint   MainTop
Control station Windows2000/WindowsXP
Work flow Rip and print at the same time,print after Rip
Heating power 3000W/6000W
Media type Cotton, Polyester, TC, nonwoven fabric
Image format Bitmap, Tiff, Jpeg, Eps, Pdf, Cad
Payment Terms︰T/T, L/C, Western union
Standards Certificate︰CE
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