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Xaar 382 Proton Printhead(35pl/60pl)

Model No.︰Xaar 382
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Physical Attributes  Xaar Proton 35    Xaar Proton 60     
Active Nozzles  382  382      
Print Swathe  53.7mm  53.7mm    
Nozzle pitch  141μm  141μm      
Drop velocity  5 m/s  5 m/s      
Nozzle density  180 npi  180 npi    
(nozzles per inch)        
Printhead weight  120g  120g    
Ink type  Solvent,        UV,Oil   Solvent, UV,Oil  
Drop volume  35 pl  35 pl      
Typical firing frequency  9.5 kHz  7.0 kHz  
Dimensions (WxDxH)  86x21x75 mm  86x21x75 mm


Outstanding print quality         

• The Xaar Proton is available in two drop volume options, 35 and 60 picolitres. These variants have been selected to deliver the best combination of throughput and print quality for a range of applications.  
• Nozzles are individually lasered (using the same techniques as the Xaar 1001) giving better nozzle uniformity, leading to more accurate drop placement and formation, and superior print quality.  
• Internal temperature sensing and automatic voltage compensation ensure high reliability and consistent drop volume, giving uniformity of colour within a range of ambient environments.    
• Optimised drop speed is achieved by tuning the waveform for Xaar approved inks. As a result the Xaar Proton can combine high drop placement accuracy, optimum throw distance and excellent reliability.
Easy integration                                      
• Luer lockable ink fittings and lockable electrical connections enable an easy, accurate and secure printhead installation, preventing mechanical and electrical damage, and ink spillage.    
• Two ink ports enable ink supply from either or both sides of the printhead for ease of priming and maintenance. This provides the potential for ink recirculation giving increased reliability.    
• Well established drive electronics reduce the cost of integration and time-to-market, with the possibility for future upgrade.                
High productivity                                      
• Through expert design of the core Xaar actuator, the Xaar Proton achieves a high firing frequency, delivering fast and useable linear speed.            
• The 35 and 60 picolitre drop volumes combined with its high firing frequency mean that the Xaar Proton can deliver throughput equivalent to a printhead with a larger nozzle count.    
• 382 nozzles at 180 dpi over a 53.7 mm swathe width deliver both single and multi-pass application solutions in a compact print engine.              



Payment Terms︰T/T, L/C, Western union
Standards Certificate︰CE
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